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Lymphedema Therapy

“Living Life to the Fullest” is the primary role of Occupational Therapy; and this is also true with the treatment of Lymphedema using Complete Decongestive Therapy.

A common question people ask is “What is Lymphedema?” Lymphedema can commonly occur when lymphatic vessels are missing, impaired, damaged, or when lymph nodes are removed. Breast mastectomy, prostate surgery, and the removal of lymph nodes are the most common types in our area; and the surgeries put people at risk for developing lymphedema. Chronic venous insufficiency, open wounds, or family history are also examples of patients commonly seen for lymphedema.

The treatment of Lymphedema consists of a superficial massage, compression bandaging, exercise, and skin care. The final stage of treatment is being fitted for a compression garment that is appropriate for each individual patient, as well as working with an outside company for compression pumps to assist in the home management of Lymphedema. Our facility also has supplies in stock for compression bandaging as well as ready to wear garments. It is important to remember the earlier treatment is provided, the better results.

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