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Maternity Care & Obstetrics

A Head Start in Caring For Your Newborn

Our expert team of doctors, certified nurse midwives and registered nurses will work with you to create the birth experience you want along with best clinical practices and current research. We offer 24/7 on-site pediatric hospitalists and nursery support, and 24/7 on-site anesthesiology care for labor pain management. We hope you choose Butler for your very special delivery!

Butler Memorial Hospital has gained national attention and recognition 3 years in a row by Newsweek as a "Top 100 Maternity Hospital" in the United States.

To arrange a tour of the OB department at Butler Memorial Hospital, please call 724-284-4334.

Services for New Parents

Long known for a commitment to high standards and quality, BMH's comprehensive maternity program features:

Baby Safe Haven Law

  • It can be difficult and scary to plan for a baby. Circumstances beyond our control may make it impossible to care for a newborn. Out of fear or shame, some mothers abandon their baby hours after birth. Safe Haven gives parents an option that is safe for their child, legal and confidential. Through Safe Haven, parents who feel they cannot take care of their newborn may place it in the care of any hospital in the state of Pennsylvania without the fear of criminal prosecution as long as the baby has not been harmed. Butler Memorial Hospital Emergency Department is a Safe Haven site. Newborns up to 28 days old can be left with any hospital staff member and no information from the parents is needed. No questions will be asked. A doctor will examine the baby and provide any medical care needed. The local county children and youth agency will then take custody of the baby to help find him or her a loving family. This is a legal, confidential way to relinquish care of your child to a safe organization and give them a brighter future.
    • Butler Memorial Hospital Emergency Department and the Clarion Hospital Emergency Departments are Safe Haven sites
    • For more information:
      • Safe Haven:
      • Pennsylvania Safe Haven Helpline: 1-866-921-SAFE (7233)
  • Breastfeeding/Lactation Services

  • There are many reasons to breastfeed. Remember that feeding your baby is a learned skill. It happens easily for some women, but others it can be frustrating and uncomfortable. We are here to help! We offer in-person Breastfeeding Education classes at Butler and Clarion, click your preferred location to learn more.
    Mother holding baby while breastfeeding

Couplet Care

  • The staff at Butler Memorial Hospital is privileged to share in one of the happiest moments of your lifetime. We focus on your family and provide a mother/baby couplet care model, which the mother and baby remain together for the hospital stay. We understand some mothers prefer to get some much needed sleep at night and therefore support any mother that requests to send her newborn to the nursery at night. The nursing staff will review the newborn care and self - care for the mother during your stay. We want you to be comfortable and confident in caring for your newborn.

Hospital Amenities

  • At Butler Memorial Hospital we offer numerous amenities for our patients and their visitors to utilize including Austin's Play Room, Cummings Coffee, free Wi-Fi and more! Visit our Patients & Visitors page for a full list of amenities.

Hug Me from the Start - Skin to Skin

  • Skin to skin, also referred to as "The Magical Hour", is a way of holding a newborn directly on mom's chest immediately after birth. The first few minutes after birth are a magical time for bonding with baby. Research has shown that what happens during the first 60 minutes of a baby’s life can maximize the bonding between mother and child. That uninterrupted contact between mother and baby during the “magical hour” is critical to the child’s growth and development. Learn more.

Safe Sleep

  • Despite sleeping 16 hours out of the day, it’s highly unlikely your newborn will have the same circadian rhythm you do. Infants have no concept of night and day. They fall asleep and wakeup whenever their body demands. You can help the child understand that night is for sleeping by limiting stimulating action with them in the dark and creating a bedtime routine that signals time for sleep. For the baby’s safety, always place them on their back to sleep. Be vigilant if they need feeding or changing, as these needs should be addressed. Learn more.

Postpartum Adjustment

  • The birth of a baby is an exciting time for new parents. However, new mothers often go through periods of both physical and emotional change. Even though you have prepared for your baby’s arrival, caring for an infant can be hard work. Many women experience some unexpected “highs” and “lows.” New mothers are surprised at the energy it takes to care for their new baby and many may begin to feel anxious, frustrated, uncertain or overwhelmed. During this adjustment, support from family and friends can be very helpful.

    Click here to view the Postpartum Adjustment brochure.

Postpartum Suites

  • Following delivery, your birth partner is able to stay in the same room with you during your stay. The birth partner will also be provided their own bed.

Prenatal Education

  • BHS offers a variety of classes for expecting parents, new parents and even grandparents. We know that expecting a child can be a wonderful time for any family and we want to help you be prepared.

    Click here to view our prenatal classes.

Safe & Secure Environment

  • Rest assured, we have a security system and policies in place to keep you and your baby safe. Your baby will only receive care by individuals wearing special identification. We will review these practices after your delivery.

Shaken Baby

  • Babies are challenging, particularly colicky babies, and even caring parents can lose their cool sometimes. In fits of frustration, some parents have unwittingly shaken their baby and severely injured them. Never forget that it is unsafe to shake a baby. An infant’s head is much bigger than their neck, and the muscles are weak, making it easy to create a whiplash effect. Shaken baby syndrome could cause brain damage, blindness, or even death. If you have a baby with colic, of find yourself getting frustrated, give yourself a break. Try counting to 10 or calling a friend-whatever it takes to stay calm. Learn more.

SIDS Prevention

  • Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is an unexpected, and so far unexplained, death of a child aged under 1 year. Thankfully, there are many ways to reduce the risk of this tragedy. You may have heard that putting an infant to sleep on their stomach is the safest way for them to rest, but there is no evidence to support this claim. Studies have shown infants sleeping on their stomach have a higher chance of suffering SIDS than babies who sleep on their backs. Breastfeeding is shown to reduce risks, as is keeping up with the child’s shots and immunization. Do not use anything that claims to reduce SIDS unless a doctor explicitly recommends it. Most importantly, make sure whoever cares for your baby knows to have them sleep on their back and knows the emergency contact information. Learn more.

Visitor Policies

  • During labor you may have up to two visitors. When it's time to deliver, your two designated visitors will remain in the room with you. The rest of your visitors can wait in a nearby waiting room. After delivery to protect all babies, anyone who is not feeling well is not permitted to visit. All visitors must wash their hands before touching your baby. Only siblings of the newbors are permitted to visit. Children under the age of 12 are not permitted to visit (siblings only).

Wellbe - Online Education

  • Your care team will develop the online program to provide you with the necessary information you need to know for your delivery at Butler Memorial Hospital. At 28 weeks, your care team will enroll you, or call us and we will help you get started. Learn More.

24-hour Epidural Coverage

  • An anesthesiologist is always on duty to provide an epidural to ease your labor pains.

24/7 Pediatric Hospitalist

  • Hospitalists are American Board of Pediatrics Certified physicians who specialize in caring for hospitalized pediatric and nursery patients. Learn more.

Click here to learn more about the BHS Maternity unit.

Time for your annual gynecology check-up or mammogram screening? Click here to visit our OB/GYN page.

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