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Prenatal Educational Classes

BHS offers a variety of classes for expecting parents, new parents and even grandparents. We know that expecting a child can be a wonderful time for any family and we want to help you be prepared.

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Breastfeeding Education Classes
This is a 3-hour class for anyone who is considering breastfeeding. Participants will receive a breastfeeding booklet and informational pamphlets, flyers, and/or samples. This class can help participants decide if breastfeeding is right for them.

Butler Campus

Clarion Campus

Mom and Baby Breastfeeding Support Group
Compassionate support for post-delivery, breastfeeding moms.

Clarion Campus

Preparing for Labor and Birth: The Stages of Labor - ZOOM
This zoom class prepares you for what to expect the last month of pregnancy, labor from the start of your first contraction or when your water breaks until the pushing phase of labor.

Preparing for Labor and Birth: Medical Interventions and Cesarean Sections
This Live in person class focuses on the medical interventions used during labor and delivery. It provides information on medications used in labor, including epidurals and other medications for pain relief, labor inductions and Cesarean delivery.

Preparing for Labor and Birth: Natural Births and Postpartum
This live in person class will provide information and practice time on techniques used to provide comfort for a natural birth including massage, breathing, hydrotherapy, relaxation, and much more.

Parenting Basics Newborn Care and Infant Safety
This live in person class covers the basics of taking care of a newborn. Some of the topics include: feeding, preparing bottles, diapering and diaper rash care, bathing, and calming a crying baby.

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