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Heart Failure Clinic

Counseling and Services for Heart Failure Patients

The BHS Heart Failure Clinic is an outpatient clinic that helps to manage and educate patients diagnosed with heart failure.

The clinic provides a consultation with a cardiologist, follow up visits with a cardiologist or a cardiology physician assistant, nutritional counseling by a registered dietitian, and an opportunity to discuss you're an exercise routine with a member of our cardiac rehabilitation staff.

The Heart Failure Clinic offers the following benefits:

  • Conveniently located outpatient clinic
  • Care that compliments the treatment provided by your Primary Care Physician
  • Coordination with external care partners such as home health agencies
  • Individualized care to keep you well and out of the hospital
  • Educational opportunities to help you manage your own healthcare

The clinic's team of cardiologists and nurses have studied and worked with heart failure patients for years. They work collaboratively to create new exercises and diets for patients recovering from their injury.

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