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Bariatric Surgery Support Groups

Before and after your surgery, you'll have the opportunity to attend bariatric patient support groups to better prepare you and your support person for what to expect before, during, and after surgery. The encouragement and sharing you receive through a support group and involving others will keep your weight loss motivation high. We are committed to your success and have created programs to guide you through the entire weight loss journey. Our support groups are held via ZOOM.

Our support group sessions include:

  • Each session features a subject matter expert or a collaborative approach among others with similar experiences that will explain what you need to know and answer your questions and concerns
  • An opportunity for you and your support person to meet prior surgical patients or current patients who are working toward their surgery goals
  • The opportunity to learn about lifestyle changes needed and how best to prepare and achieve sustainable results
  • A chance to meet our staff and other friendly, supportive bariatric patients who will be supportive to you throughout your weight loss journey
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