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Joint Replacement TotalCare

BHS Recognized as UPMC Center of Excellence

Butler Memorial Hospital is proud to announce that it has been designated a UPMC Health Plan Hip and Knee Joint Replacement Surgery Center of Excellence. This UPMC Health Plan program recognizes surgical facilities and orthopedic surgeons that demonstrate high quality outcomes, low complication rates, and the best patient experience for UPMC Health Plan members in need of joint replacement surgery. Click here to read more.

Take charge of your journey through surgery and recovery

At BHS, Joint Replacement TotalCare is a complete program designed by your surgeon and care team to guide you step-by-step through your preparation, hospital stay and recovery from hip and knee joint replacement surgery. Everything you need to know, do, and keep track of is conveniently provided to you at just the right time. When you are scheduled for surgery at BHS, the care team at your doctor's office will ask you to provide your email address and enroll you in the Joint Replacement TotalCare program.


Joint replacement is a significant procedure and may feel overwhelming. Be sure to ask your orthopedic surgeon any questions you may have. The goal of our program at Butler Health System is to ensure that you feel as comfortable and confident facing your procedure as possible.

  • For questions about the Joint Replacement TotalCare program at Butler Memorial Hospital, call 724-284-4005.
  • For questions about the Total Joint Replacement program at BHS Clarion Hospital, call 814-223-4168.

"I don't know how much you could improve such a great program, it totally prepares you for the good, bad and ugly. Thank you so much for a great program." – Patricia F., Joint Replacement TotalCare Patient

The Joint Replacement TotalCare program includes three components:

  1. Total Joint Camp
  2. An online program
  3. Partnership with your family and caregivers

1. Total Joint Camp
The first step of the Joint Replacement TotalCare program is Total Joint Camp. About four weeks before your surgery, you'll attend a preoperative program to better prepare you and your support person for what to expect before, during, and after surgery.

Total Joint Camp includes:

  • Pre-operative laboratory testing, EKG, and chest X-Ray, if not performed by your primary care physician
  • Nursing assessment
  • Physical therapy overview
  • Opportunity for you and your support person to have your questions answered
  • Opportunity to meet other patient having similar surgery

2. Online Program
Joint Replacement TotalCare also provides a unique online platform for patients to access. The Joint Replacement TotalCare online program provides a step-by-step approach to your preparations and recovery from surgery.

Features of the online program include:

  • Checklists and reminders to make your surgical journey less stressful
  • Convenient access to important education materials regarding total joint replacement
  • Informative videos, including follow-along exercises
  • Ability to do your planning and complete forms online to simplify your paperwork
  • Provide your surgeon and orthopedic team with important feedback concerning your experiences
  • Provide your support person with information and updates as you progress through the program

"I especially loved the online tool program. It really answered a lot of questions I had, and made me aware of important things. Everything seemed to run smooth and prepared me for what was to happen. I will definitely be back when my right knee needs done.” – Marilyn P., Joint Replacement TotalCare Patient

3. Partnership with Your Family and Caregivers
We support working with your caregivers and family as part of the Joint Replacement TotalCare program. You can choose a family member or friend who can act as a personal support person or and "coach” as you go through the joint replacement process. We'll involve them every step of the way. Your support person is encouraged to attend Total Joint Camp with you, and once you add them to your Care Circle in the online program, they will receive emails with valuable information to assist you with your journey.

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