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Recovery Services

Addiction Recovery Program at Butler Memorial Hospital

The team at Butler Memorial Hospital provides high-quality services while building trust and establishing relationships to overcome drug and alcohol dependency. The BHS Regional Recovery Center is an independent, community-based program.

Need help with a drug or alcohol problem?
Call our 24-Hour Help Line at 800-831-2468.

Our many services cover the full range of what individuals and families require to overcome drug and alcohol dependency, including:

  • Individualized Assessment - Each patient is unique. We meet with each patient for a unique, individualized assessment of his/her condition and needs. This enables us to provide the best care for each patient.
  • Outpatient Counseling - Outpatient counseling is provided to patients as part of a less restrictive or intensive approach to drug/alcohol treatment that still provides individuals with access to the tools and resources they need.
  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment - Intensive Outpatient is a program that meet for 3 sessions a week. This allows for in depth substance abuse treatment to take place while the client remains involved in home and work activities..
  • Partial Hospitalization Treatment - Partial Hospitalization is an intensive outpatient program that meets for five sessions a week for 4 weeks. This setting allows for intensive treatment of an addiction without being hospitalized overnight. The client is able to get treatment while remaining engaged in the home life.
  • Inpatient Rehabilitation and Detoxification - About 2.4 million people seek addiction recovery treatment in special rehabilitation centers annually, according to the Substance Abuse and Medical Health Service Administration. Recovery is a process, and admission into a detox and inpatient rehabilitation program can be a positive first step on your journey.
  • Relapse Prevention - Ongoing support is needed in the addition recovery journey. Our medical professionals, counselors, and other caregivers are there to provide patients relapse prevention services designed to help individuals who are post-recovery stay the course.
  • Family Intervention Program - Do you have a loved one who is struggling with addiction? Contact our 24-hour help line at any time by dialing 800-831-2468. We are here to help you help your family member.
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