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Dermatology Services

Experienced Dermatologic Care

Offering the expertise of three different practices, our dermatology services at Butler Memorial Hospital feature a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic tools for the management of all forms of skin cancer, as well as a variety of surgical and nonsurgical procedures for other skin conditions.

From treatment of skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and rosacea to the removal of warts to the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer, our highly-trained specialists work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan.

Dermatology services at BHS include:

  • Acne - Acne isn’t just a skin problem experienced by teens; plenty of adults suffer from acne, too. Acne is the leading type of skin condition in the United States. When it comes to curing acne, there is a variety of information but a scarcity of helpful answers. Working with a caring, knowledgeable, and experienced dermatologist is the best way to find an answer to problematic acne.
  • Eczema - The word “eczema” means irritated skin. It occurs when the immune system causes the skin to overreact, often when certain triggers are present such as sweating, harsh soaps, fruit juices, dust, scratchy clothing, animal dander, or a mild sickness. Some of the factors that can lead to eczema include family history, or having allergies or asthma. There are also environmental factors. Eczema is more common in polluted places or cities, as well as in northern regions.
  • Mohs Micrographic Surgery - A procedure combining surgical removal of affected skin with microscopic analysis of the tissue to ensure that all cancer is removed. By using very detailed mapping techniques, the “roots” of the skin cancer are extracted in a precise manner, giving Mohs Surgery a higher cure rate than any other skin cancer procedure.
  • Psoriasis - Psoriasis looks like dry, scaly patches on the skin. It is caused by excessive buildup of skin cells and is thought to be caused by the immune system. A dermatologist may recommend medication, therapy, or a topical ointment to help remove the skin scales and to prevent skin cells from building up.
  • Rashes - There are many different types of rashes, and various causes as well. If your rash is accompanied by fever, covers your whole body, gets infected, occurs suddenly and spreads quickly, or causes you pain, you should seek medical attention right away.
  • Rosacea - Rosacea calls redness of the skin, often accompanied by small bumps that are filled with pus or visible blood vessels. 16 million Americans suffer from rosacea, most often fair-skinned women in middle age. Without treatment, rosacea can get worse. Your dermatologist may recommend anti-acne medicine or antibiotics to treat rosacea.
  • Skin Cancer - Detection and treatment of skin cancer is a major priority of our dermatologists at BHS. Skin cancer is the leading type of cancer in the United States. In fact, it is estimated that 1 in 5 individuals in the United States will develop skin cancer.
  • Warts - Warts are small, noncancerous growths that are caused by a viral infection of the top skin layer. Warts often occur on hands. They can spread by contact.
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