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Floor Plan

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  • Ground Floor - On the ground floor of Butler Memorial Hospital, you will find our Information Desk, as well as our Snack Shop, Gift Shop, public restrooms, and designated areas for family members and other visitors of our patients. The Auxiliary Office and Dimmick Educational Center are also located on the ground floor.
  • First Floor - Level 1 of Butler Memorial Hospital contains our Inpatient Pharmacy, Human Resources department, Medical Records, Electrophysiology department, and Surgical Processing.
  • Second Floor - Level 2 of Butler Memorial Hospital hosts the following departments: Admissions & Inpatient Registration, Imaging & Cardiology Registration, Cath Lab, Imaging Holding, Imaging Services, Lab Draw Room, Pastoral Care, and Simulation Center. Our Board Room, Medical Staff Conference Room, Auditorium, and the Nixon-Sarver Training Center are also located on this floor, along with our Security office. The Retail Pharmacy & MedCare Equipment Co. are also found on Level 2. The second floor hosts our cafeteria, chapel, and Cumming's Coffee.
  • Third Floor - Level 3 of Butler Memorial Hospital hosts the Operating Rooms, Post Anesthesia Care Unit, Pre Op room, and Pain Clinic. Patient Rooms in our Behavioral Health and Maternity/OB-GYN departments are also located here.
  • Fourth Floor - Level 4 South of Butler Memorial Hospital contains patient rooms N4301 – N4314 along with the Infectious Disease department, Medical Ambulatory Unit.
  • Fifth Floor - Level 5 contains patient rooms M5101 – M5123, T5201 – T5224, N5301 – N5316, and S5401 – S5413. Pulmonary Function Testing is located in the Respiratory department.
  • Sixth Floor - Level 6 of Butler Memorial Hospital contains our Biomedical Engineering department, Rehabilitative Services, and Patient Rooms M6101 – M6121 and T6201 – T6226.
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