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Clarion Hospital Laboratory is staffed by experienced professionals with expertise in microbiology, pathology, chemistry, hematology and cytology. Our experienced staff paired with state-of the-art-equipment allows for our patients to have tests done locally with the assurance of quality care and personalized service. Clarion Hospital laboratory offers a broad range of tests from basic blood work to more complex testing. The highly trained team performs tests that help your provider in identifying, diagnosing and treating health problems and conditions.

Our lab provides blood work and testing throughout the area for patients, physician offices and long-term care facilities. Clarion Hospital’s Lab is accredited by the college of American Pathologist (CAP) which means that we receive assistance with adhering to the strictest and most comprehensive scientifically endorsed standards. To qualify for accreditation, our lab and staff are put through a rigorous inspection every 2 years to ensure that CAP standards are maintained.

Lab Services

  • Urinalysis – chemical analysis of urine samples
  • Toxicology – Drug testing
  • Hematology – Analysis of blood cells
  • Immunology – Test of the body’s immune system and response to antibodies
  • Pathology – Examination and diagnosis of disease from tissue samples
  • Special Chemistry – Analysis of enzymes to diagnose problems and prescribe treatments
  • Blood Bank – Storage of blood samples from donors for patients in need of transfusions
  • Microbiology – Study of abnormal bacteria and fungi to create new drugs and treatments

A physician order is required to draw blood samples. Most lab tests can be completed during normal business hours without an appointment. Please note that some tests may require fasting. Your physician should indicate if fasting is necessary for the test. In some cases specimens may be collected at home and dropped of at the lab.

Clarion Hospital Laboratory Hours

Monday – Friday 7:30 am to 6:00 pm
Saturday 8:00 am to Noon

BHS Health & Wellness Center Laboratory Hours

Monday – Friday 7:30 am to 4:00 pm

*Walk-In Appointment Welcome!
*After hour lab draws are available and should report to the registration area in the Clarion Hospital Emergency Department*

For more information contact the lab at 814-226-1395.

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