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 Visiting Hours

Butler Memorial Hospital encourages visitation for the well being and healing of our patients. Please be sure to review specific information below to the unit you are planning to visit.


 Guidelines for Visitors

  • Butler Health System Visitor Guidelines Main Number 724-283-6666
    • All visiting hours will be at the discretion of the nursing staff to ensure the well-being of each patient

      Visitation for patients in private rooms is unlimited unless this interferes with the care of the patient or the activities on the unit.

      All visitors are required to conduct themselves in a quiet and calm manner.

      Visitors are not permitted to utilize the patient’s bathroom. Public restrooms are located on all floors of the building.

      The number of visitors is limited to two per patient for a semi-private room. Exceptions will be given with permission of the department Director/Manager or Nursing Supervisor.

      All visitors under the age of 12 must be monitored directly at all times by a parent or other responsible adult while in the hospital to ensure their safety.

      For the protection of the patients, any person with obvious signs of infection will be asked by the nurses to stop at the nurses station prior to visiting patients.

      Visitors to patients in isolation must inquire at the nurses station for isolation instructions prior to entering the patient’s room.

      Authorization for extended visitation may be granted to family members. All visitors who wish to remain in the hospital may do so after obtaining permission from the department Director/Manager or the Nursing Supervisor. They must then obtain a visitors badge from Security on the second floor of the North Building (outside of the Emergency Room).

  • Behavioral Health - Drug/Alcohol - 724-284-4355; General Psychiatry - 724-284-4266; Geriatric Psychiatry, 724-284-4321
    • Visitors to Behavioral Health units must receive approval prior to entering the unit.

      Restrictions in Behavioral Health areas must be documented in the patient record by the physician or a designee. A member of the treatment team will notify the family of such restrictions.

      All patient belongings/packages/gifts brought to Behavioral Health areas MUST be inspected by staff prior to the contents being given to the patient. All items including clothing and valuables will be listed on a "patient belonging list." Items considered contraband or valuable will be locked in a secured area by staff. ​

  • Cardiac Cath Lab Main Number 724-284-4603
    • Upon initial arrival to the Cardiac Cath Lab Image Holding Area, family will be provided with a pager until the patient has been prepped for the procedure. When the patient is ready, visitors will be paged and allowed to join the patient in the Cath Lab Image Holding area.

      When the patient is transferred to the Cardiac Catheterization lab for the procedure, visitors will have the option to remain in the Image Holding area or will be provided with a pager. Visitors will be contacted via the pager when the patient has returned and is ready for visitors.




  • Emergency Department Main Number 724-284-4545
    • All visiting hours will be at the discretion of the nursing staff to ensure the well-being of each patient. 

      Visitation in these areas may vary based on the patient’s condition and unit activity.

      Visitors to the Emergency Department and critical care areas will notify the nurses station prior to entering the unit.

      Visitors are required to conduct themselves in a quiet and calm manner so as not to disrupt the operation of the Emergency Department.

      Visitors are limited to two (2) individuals at a time or can be altered at the discretion of the Emergency Department Staff.​

  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Main Number 724-284-4370
    • All visiting hours will be at the discretion of the nursing staff to ensure the well being of each patient. Please address any concerns with the nurse caring for your family member.

      Visitors will be asked to leave the patient area after 9:00 pm to ensure that patients get the rest they need.

      Visitation is limited to two individuals at a time.

      For the safety of our patients, fresh flowers or mylar balloons are not permitted on the unit.

      Children under 14 years old are not permitted on the unit.

      Medical rounds are from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm. Visitation is not permitted during this time.

      For the safety of our patients and visitors, all visitors must adhere to isolation precautions.

      Since surgical patients are recovered in the ICU, visitors will not be permitted in the patient area during the immediate post-operative period until the patient’s condition has been stabilized.

      The following Intensive Care Visitation Hours will be observed:

        12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
        5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
        8:00 pm – 9:00 pm

  • Surgical Services Main Number 724-284-4595
    • After the assessment has been completed, individuals visiting the patient, are permitted back to the patient’s bedside prior to surgery.

      During surgery, all visitors are restricted from the Operative Suite. Pagers are provided for any communication that needs to occur during the operative phase.

      After the patient returns to the Recovery Room, and the initial evaluation is completed, individuals are permitted back for visitation.




  • 3 Main Obstetrics/Gynecology Main Number 724-284-4334
    • Children visiting on the Obstetrics/Gynecology unit are limited to siblings of the newborn. Siblings must be brought to the nurses station at the first visit to be screened by a registered nurse for infections using the Pediatric Screening Record. Upon completion of the record, each child will be given a pink or blue card to verify that they have been screened. Siblings must be sitting in a chair while holding the infant and must be supervised by a parent at all times.

      Visitors are limited to two (2) individuals at a time in the Labor Suite. If there is a request for additional visitors, it will be up to the discretion of the Practioner.