Butler Health System and Clarion Hospital

Stronger Together!

  • Quality Care Close to Home
  • Community Commitment from Butler to Clarion and Beyond
  • More Access and Enhanced Services

What Does This Merger Mean for You?

Our commitment to both the Butler and Clarion communities remains as strong as ever. And by combining our health systems, we, as two exemplary community hospitals, are stronger together. This translates to continuing to bring a high level of compassionate, quality care close to your home. The combination of both of our doctors, skills, knowledge and values will a,llow for more access for patients, as well as enhances services across the board. With Clarion Hospital now a part of the Butler Health System family, we will continue to proudly serve you and your family for generations to come.

At Butler Health System and Clarion Hospital, we all know what it means to provide the best quality of care. But, most importantly, we know why we have to.

Butler Health System
1 Hospital Way Butler, PA 16001

724.283.6666 butlerhealthsystem.org

Clarion Hospital
1 Hospital Dr. Clarion, PA 16214

814.226.9500 clarionhospital.org

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I lose my doctor?
    No, not at all! In fact, not only will yoube able to keep your doctor, but you and your doctor will be able to access all of the additional specialists and resources that Butler Health System has to offer.
  • Does this mean that Clarion will now be a big hospital without a community level?
    Absolutely not. Clarion Hospital and Butler Health Systems share in the same values of bringing high-level quality, compassionate care close to home, and that will not change with this merger.
  • Will this affect what my insurance covers?
    No. Butler Health System and Calrion Hospital will continue to accept the same insurance providers as they have previously.
  • What will happen to the Clarion Hospital Foundation?
    All of the funds raised through Clarion Hospital Foundation will stay in Clarion supporting Clarion Hospital Alone. The Butler Health System Foundation will also remain separate and funds will stay in Butler.